1. My weathervane images are hand cut out of 3/16" sheet metal with a cutting torch  and built to last a long time. I've made vanes of about everything you can think of.  It's only limited to your imagination. If you want to get really fancy I make them with stained glass in them also. Being made of steel these vanes will age with a nice rustic patina (rusty) or they can be painted to match your motorcycle , car , truck , horse or what ever.

  2. Weathervanes start at $85.00 and go up.

  3. All weathervanes come with a mount which will allow you to put the vane on a gable roof , wall , or 4x4 post in the yard. If need be, custom made mounting brackets can be made .

  4.  The pictures showcased are the latest ones made in that category.

  5. Peace